Tooth whitening

Tooth discoloration happens because of many reasons, for example, consuming of some food and beverage, smoking habit, tea and coffee drinking. People will lose confidence and feel uncomfortable to smile. Tooth whitening corrects such problem and defect, bring back confidence and improve personality.

Tooth whitening procedure, side effect and things to know before getting tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening can be done in 2 ways ; first is in office by the professional and second is at home.

  1. In office bleaching (tooth whitening) : It is a fast and safe way, can be finished within an hour. The bleaching gel penetrates into tooth structure and reacts with the pigments. Tooth will be whiter with no damage.
  2. Home bleaching (tooth whitening): The custom bleaching trays will be fabricated by making impression of upper and lower dental arch at the clinic. Dentist will prescribe the right concentration of bleaching gel on each case. Patient has to put the gel into the tray and wear at night time or at least 4-6 hours a day for 2 weeks duration at least to get the result.

Things to know before tooth whitening

  1. Tooth whitening success on natural tooth only not on filling material or crown and veneer.
  2. In case of gingival recession, the bleaching directly on root surface is not recommended.
  3. A child under 13 years old is not recommending.
  4. Pregnancy women should not go under the procedure.
  5. Tetracycline tooth rarely success by in office bleaching.
Ceramic veneers

Ceramic is used to correct the following problems :

  1. Tooth discoloration
  2. Spacing
  3. Crowded
  4. Correction of tooth size and shape
  5. Crown chip or fracture
  6. Correction of tooth surface irregularity

Materials for ceramic veneer: IPS empress esthetic, IPS empress e-max, Lumineers

Result of Ceramic veneers

  1. Perfect tooth size, shape and color.
  2. Improving smile and bringing up the confidence.
  3. Impressing people with your beautiful smile.

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