Material of implant is titanium which is researched and studied for long time to be safe in human. Implant can be used to support single crown, bridge or even denture.

Advantage of Implant

  1. No need to grind the neighboring teeth unlike bridge.
  2. The retrievable for repair in long term is convenient by taking the crown or bridge out and redo.
  3. No worry on loosening of denture in case of implant supported denture.
  4. Improve personality and confidence.
Crown and bridge

Crown is a cap full coverage on tooth to restore the tooth that has a big damage. Dentist build up the damaged part and grind the tooth to create the space for crown material then, make an mold and temporary crown and appoint patient back to get the permanent crown seating.

When crown should be done

  1. Big dental caries big filling or broken tooth which loss more than half of tooth structure.
  2. Root canal treated tooth.
  3. Crack tooth.
  4. Abnormality of tooth shape or spacing.

Bridge is another way to replace tooth loss, using neighboring teeth to be abutments. Its procedure is likely to crowns; just more teeth need to be grinded.

Material for crown and bridge

  1. Full metal : Comprises of gold alloy or not, also can be used, provide high strength but not esthetic.
  2. Porcelain fused to metal: inner layer is metal comprises of gold alloy for strength, outer is ceramic for esthetic. This kind of material generally used nowadays in any situation. However, if patient need highly esthetic especially on anterior teeth, all ceramic crown is recommended.
  3. All ceramic crowns: The ceramic has been developed to resist more chewing force and also provide high esthetic appearance, which is very suitable for an anterior teeth. No dark shadow of metal reflect out of crown, so this material provides the best esthetic result, however which case could be candidate for all ceramic crown is depend on the professional’s consideration.


Denture material can be acrylic resin base, or metal base.

  1. Partial removable denture is to substitute partial tooth loss. The metal clasp on teeth is used to get retention for denture.
  2. Full denture is for patient that loss all teeth, using acrylic resin base and can utilize metal to reinforce and increase strength


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