Tooth removal is to take tooth out in case of :

  1. Large dental caries exposed pulp and tooth cannot be restored.
  2. Crack tooth that cannot be restored.
  3. For orthodontics.
  4. Advanced periodontal disease.
  5. Impacted or embedded tooth.

Tooth removal usually is not so difficult and can finish within a visit. After tooth removal, the gingival will grow and cover up the wound. The prosthesis such as implant, crown and bridge or denture is recommended to replace tooth loss in order to prevent the collapse of neighboring teeth an opposing tooth into the space.

            Surgical removal of impacted tooth is usually for 3rd molar that cannot get enough space to come up in its right position. Leaving the impacted tooth will cause the inflammation and infection and also possibly cause dental caries. So impacted tooth is recommended to be removed. The oral surgeon will consider the difficulty by radiograph.

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